Our Values

Enhancing the quality of life
Our mission is defined by what we are doing in the present; our vision is what we hope to accomplish in the future and our values are displayed in the way we interact with every person and entity. The core of our value system can be described in one keyword: Integrity. These are the principles which every member of the PT Softex Indonesia (Kimberly-Clark Softex) family is dedicated to living on a daily basis.


To become the most admired and trusted personal care company in Indonesia, with International Presence.

Become the market leader for disposable hygiene products by consistently delivering innovative products, relevant to the market segment and ensure quality and technological advancement.




To play a key role in every stage-of-life of our consumers, by providing an expanding line of high quality and value of personal care products and services, that will improve the well-being and enhance the quality of life of Indonesian families and people around the world, now and for generations to come.


PT Softex Indonesia strives to increase customer satisfaction and committed to the highest standards of safety to care and protect each other, business partners, visitors, and community. We are all responsible to maintain a safe, protected, and healthy workplace in order to protect employees and Company operations as well as strive to maintain the sustainability and protection of the environment in which the company operates.

The continual improvement program is implemented through the Quality Management System, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and the Environment by committing to:

  1. Produce and deliver top quality, defect-free, hygienic products at competitive prices to maintain consumer satisfaction and consumer loyalty;
  2. Comply with laws and regulations and other requirements related to quality, OHS and environment and integrate them in all aspects of the operational activities of PT Softex Indonesia;
  3. Improve the Quality, OHS and Environment management system;
  4. Strive to eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risks also environmental impacts in accordance with the characteristic and scale of OHS and Environmental risks at PT Softex Indonesia;
  5. Provide a safe, comfortable and healthy workplace to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases;
  6. Conduct consultation and participation of employees from all representations where they exist by involving them in decision making;
  7. Protect the environment by mitigating and adapting to climate change initiatives, not limited to, preventing pollution, using sustainable natural resources, protecting biodiversity and ecosystems, and expanding the zero-waste mindset throughout the business value chain.

This policy is established and communicated to all employees and interested parties and will be periodically reviewed according to the needs of the organization by considering changes that occur.

Our Values


At Softex Indonesia, we live by our i-Care values, which places Integrity as the most significant core value in achieving our business goals and maintaining our professional standards.


Is exemplified by a consistent and uncompromising attitude of upholding the values of brand transparency, consumer satisfaction and protection, and complete compliance with all relevant regulations


We have an unwavering devotion to continued development, investments in technology and manufacturing capabilities, as well as delivery of the highest possible quality personal health and hygiene products to our consumers while employing the best business practices


We never forget the role and participation of all our stakeholders’ contributions to the success of our business and uphold the public trust towards our brands


In the Softex Indonesia family, WE work together to respect and support each other as a global team thus taking collective responsibility to ensure total stakeholder satisfaction.


We cherish the spirit of cooperative enterprise in which we share a passion to promote innovation, enhance consumer’s value and achieve corporate objectives.