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Kimberly-Clark Softex Reinforces Joint Growth with a Brand-New Logo After Acquisition

Jakarta, 18 February 2021 - Kimberly-Clark Softex proudly announced the launch of its new company logo today following up to their recent merger and acquisition agreement last year in September 2020. The new branding aims to further distinguish Kimberly-Clark and Softex Indonesia as a united force and dedication to serve the best for the consumers in Indonesia.

The logo itself was based on the Kimberly-Clark and Softex Indonesia logo that are integrated with the iconic butterfly symbol — representing the seamless assimilation of the new brand into the business. Leveraging on Softex Indonesia's rich history and strong brand recognition in Indonesia, the butterfly symbol was retained to convey Kimberly-Clark Softex’s continued dedication in providing reliable and trustworthy personal care products in Indonesia.

“The new logo represents a new beginning for both Kimberly-Clark and Softex Indonesia, while carrying forward its legacy of providing Indonesian families with the essentials for a better life.” said Aaron Powell, President of Kimberly-Clark’s Asia-Pacific Business. “By combining our strengths in innovation and brand building, we are confident that Kimberly-Clark Softex will help to further accelerate growth for the company in Indonesia and beyond.”

Following months of integration, the combined Kimberly-Clark Softex identity is grounded in a common purpose that reflect the shared values of both companies. “Our emphasis on authenticity, accountability, innovation and caring have strong echoes in the Softex culture and together as a team we will build on this strong foundation,” Powell added.

Softex Indonesia has carried a strong business presence of personal care in Indonesia that is mainly driven by the thoughtful leadership owned by Hendra Setiawan, President Director of PT Softex Indonesia, that owns over 18 years of experience in leading Softex Indonesia. Through his leadership, Softex Indonesia has successfully grown a portfolio of brands that are loved by Indonesian consumers, namely Sweety® in baby and child-care products, Confidence® brand in maternity care products, and Softex® brand in feminine care products.

“Our mission is to take part in improving everyday aspects of human life. Thus, it is important for us to play a key role in every stage of our consumers’ life by providing continuous innovation for

high quality and value in personal hygiene and health products and services, that will improve the well-being and enhance the quality of life for all generations." conclude Hendra Setiawan.

In the upcoming years, Kimberly-Clark Softex will continue to bring innovation and deliver its successful and superior products in Indonesia, while also accelerating the company's growth by leveraging Kimberly-Clark's global expertise and innovation and maintaining the local market expertise, insights of Softex.

As a new member to the Kimberly-Clark family, Softex Indonesia has built a successful personal care business with strong market positions and has consistently delivered double-digit growth since 1976. The company has excellent manufacturing capabilities and a strong go-to-market distribution network. Softex Indonesia generated net sales of approximately $420 million in 2019.