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Diversity and Inclusion for Working Women at Kimberly-Clark Softex Indonesia

Jakarta – 15 December 2021 - At Kimberly-Clark Softex, the growth and progress of the company are also influenced by the diversity of the company and the increasing inclusion. At Kimberly-Clark Softex, we recognize the importance of diversity as the backbone of a corporate culture that also reflects the diversity that exists in consumers. Aligned with the company's diversity and inclusivity goals, Kimberly-Clark Softex understands the importance of involving women in strategic positions to ensure the company's better performance.

Currently, 35% of Middle and Senior Manager positions at Kimberly-Clark Softex are occupied by female employees. Furthermore, the company has set a target of 40% female representation at all levels of employment at Kimberly-Clark Softex by 2025.

Besides, the company has launched the Gender Equality Program in 2018, followed by the launch of Equal Forum in 2020, a serial forum for female employees to encourage collective growth, marked Kimberly-Clark Softex's full support for women.

Two women from the senior managers of Kimberly-Clark Softex shared their experiences of how an inclusive working environment provides enough room for them to unleash their potential and reach new heights every day and the role of the family as well part of their support system.

On the working environment that supports employee self-development, Ekayani Go, Head of Marketing category Feminine Care and Family Care, Kimberly-Clark Softex shared “To advance and develop, an organization needs representation from each group to get varied and dynamic point of views. I found this at Kimberly-Clark Softex where every employee can enjoy a friendly environment, have equal opportunities for growth and are free to express their opinions. My role as Head of Marketing brings me to various meetings and collaborations where the majority is filled by men. However, on all these occasions, I always feel comfortable to express my opinion and contribute.”

Over the past five years, employee engagement with the principle of equality has underpinned Kimberly-Clark Softex's success in developing and implementing various corporate social impact and sustainability programs. In 2020, Ekayani Go presented the results of the Kimberly-Clark Softex product innovation as part of the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the launch of Softies brand masks.

In line with Ekayani, Febrina Herlambang, Head of Communications, Kimberly-Clark Softex said “I am very grateful to be at Kimberly-Clark Softex team, where an inclusive work culture is well implemented and being an enabler for everyone to give out the best. Never once I experienced rejection because of gender and my status as a working mom. For me, the active involvement of management in creating a comfortable working environment for all is reflected in various ambitious targets that have been set and the implementation of campaigns specifically designed to support women.”

As Head of Communications, with more than 12 years of experience in communications, corporate social responsibility, media relations and external relationships. Febrina has served as Communications Professional at Procter and Gamble (P&G) and Google prior to joining Kimberly-Clark Softex. Her role and responsibility are leading the communications program and maintaining the company's reputation​​ to internal and external audiences.


Balance That Advances

For a professional woman, maintaining a balance between work and family is not an easy task. However, a brilliant career and a harmonious family are the advantages one will enjoy if these two priorities can go hand in hand and support each other.

“Attention for family and work can go hand in hand. The active role of my partner in the family is the biggest support for me in developing a career, taking on a role at home and at the same time educating children. Our company vision is about CARE, where the company cares about its employees. For example, on one occasion I was faced with a family matter that required me to be present and focused, so the support from the leaders to put family as the top priority are the values of the company that I admire the most and of course I also hold on to.” said Febrina about work and family can be at a balance.

Ekayani and Febrina, two working moms who have careers at Kimberly-Clark Softex hope that the commemoration of National Mother's Day which will be commemorated on December 22nd will be a momentum for every woman to be able to carry out her role as a mother without limiting her ability to work and advance in career.

“I have never felt limited by my status as a working mom. My career can be done well and I am still able to be the best mother for my two daughters. In addition to managerial skills, the attention from my superior where I work is an important factor for me. There is no reason for us, women, to feel limited or not having the opportunity to be the best mother and a leader,” concluded Ekayani, who has worked for 14 years at Kimberly-Clark Softex with an extended experience of working at male-dominated industries such as cigarette and automotive.